Sweet Delights: Discovering the 10 Best Dessert Places in Cleveland

Cleveland’s culinary business isn’t only about savory food; it’s also a haven for those with a sweet tooth. The city’s dessert options vary from artisan ice cream to superb pastries and inventive desserts. In this post, we’ll guide you through the top 10 dessert locations in Cleveland.

1. Mitchell’s Ice Cream:

   Mitchell’s Ice Cream is a local institution, renowned for its handmade, small-batch ice creams crafted from locally sourced ingredients. Their rotating flavors range from classic vanilla to unique creations like Raspberry Chocolate Chunk.

2. Sweet Moses Soda Fountain & Treat Shop:

   Step back in time at Sweet Moses, a nostalgic soda fountain offering classic sundaes, milkshakes, and handcrafted ice cream sodas. Don’t miss their signature “Moses Caramel” sundae.

3. Coquette Patisserie:

   Coquette Patisserie in the University Circle neighborhood is a haven for French pastry lovers. Their macarons, éclairs, and croissants are delightful, and the ambience is cozy and charming.

4. Colossal Cupcakes:

   This downtown gem offers cupcakes that live up to their name. There’s something for everyone with a range of flavors to choose from, including vegan ones. Try the Salted Caramel or Red Velvet flavors.

5. Brewnuts:

   Brewnuts takes donuts to a whole new level by combining them with craft beer. These beer-infused donuts are unique and delicious. Their creative flavors include Fruity Pebbles and Maple Bacon Bourbon.

6. Luna Bakery & Café:

   Luna Bakery & Café in Cleveland Heights serves handmade pastries, cookies, and cakes. They also provide a wonderful assortment of gluten-free and vegan alternatives.

7. The Bom:

   If you’re a fan of chocolate, The Bom is a must-visit. This chocolate boutique specializes in handcrafted chocolate truffles and treats, including their signature “boms” filled with gooey centers.

8. Brewnuts Donut Bar:

   Another Brewnuts location in Gordon Square offers even more beer-infused donuts. Try the “Guinness & Pretzels” donut for a unique flavor combination.

9. Graeter’s Ice Cream:

   Graeter’s Ice Cream, a Cincinnati-based chain with a Cleveland presence, is known for its creamy, French Pot ice cream. Their Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip is a fan favorite.

10. Jack Frost Donuts:

    Jack Frost Donuts has been serving up delectable donuts in Old Brooklyn since 1937. They offer a wide range of classic and creative flavors, such as Bavarian Cream and Blueberry Lemon.

Cleveland’s dessert scene is a delightful journey through flavors and culinary creativity. Whether you’re in the mood for rich and creamy ice cream, artisanal pastries, or unique donuts, the city has something to satisfy every sweet craving. These 10 dessert places in Cleveland are just a taste of the sweet delights waiting to be discovered in the heart of Ohio. So, don’t hesitate to embark on your own dessert adventure and experience the city’s sweet side.

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