Savoring the Flavors of Mexico: Atlanta’s Top Mexican Restaurants

Mexican Restaurants Atlanta

Atlanta’s food scene is a mash-up of tastes and ethnicities, and when it comes to Mexican food, the city is home to several eateries that perfectly reflect the spirit of Mexico’s illustrious culinary past. We combed the city to compile a list of the top Mexican eateries in Atlanta with descriptions of their mouthwatering tacos and colorful salsas. For a trip south of the border, get your taste senses ready!

1. Taqueria del Sol

Location: Multiple Locations

Taqueria del Sol is a beloved Atlanta institution known for its creative take on Mexican fare. From the signature “Jerk Chicken” tacos to the ever-popular “Memphis” taco, each bite is a burst of flavor that transports you to the streets of Mexico.

2. Superica

Location: Multiple Locations

Step into Superica, and you’ll feel like you’ve entered a traditional Mexican cantina. With a menu that highlights classics like enchiladas and tamales, Superica captures the heart of Mexican comfort food.

3. El Rey del Taco

Location: 5288 Buford Hwy NE, Doraville, GA 30340

Visit El Rey del Taco on Buford Highway for a genuine, no-frills experience. Their broad menu offers a huge selection of tacos, tortas, and other delicious Mexican street cuisine.

4. Mi Cocina

Location: 1080 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

Mi Cocina serves you freshly crafted meals with a contemporary touch on traditional Mexican food. This eatery can satisfy your appetite for house-made tamales or spicy fajitas.

5. Nuevo Laredo Cantina

Location: 1495 Chattahoochee Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

For fans of Mexican food, Nuevo Laredo Cantina is a must-go-to because of its lively atmosphere and delectable food. Enjoy the enchiladas, margaritas, and chiles rellenos they have to offer.

6. La Fonda Latina

Location: Multiple Locations

La Fonda Latina combines a cozy ambiance with flavorful dishes inspired by various regions of Mexico. From ceviche to mole, their menu showcases the diversity of Mexican cuisine.

7. El Tesoro

Location: 129 Church St, Decatur, GA 30030

El Tesoro, a little restaurant in Decatur, specializes on serving dishes with genuine Mexican tastes. Everyone will find something they enjoy here, and their guacamole is a must-try.

8. La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant

Location: Multiple Locations

The broad menu and large quantities at La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant are well-known. Whether you’re craving spicy fajitas, cheese-filled quesadillas, or savory burritos, you’ll find it here.

9. La Hacienda

Location: 900 Monroe Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

The Mexican cuisine served at the beloved family-run restaurant La Hacienda is cooked from scratch. It is a neighborhood favorite because to the warm ambiance and genuine tastes.

10. La Pastorcita

Location: 3425 Buford Hwy NE, Atlanta, GA 30329

For those seeking a true taste of Mexico City, La Pastorcita delivers. Indulge in their al pastor tacos and explore the menu for a variety of Mexican street food delights.

Mexican eateries in Atlanta provide a delectable trip that encapsulates the spirit of Mexican culinary traditions. These restaurants are guaranteed to sate your thirst for genuine Mexican food, whether you’re wanting old favorites or fresh variations on time-honored specialties.

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