Savor the Flavors: 10 Best Italian Restaurants in Minneapolis

Best italian restaurants in minneapolis

Minneapolis offers a delectable array of foreign cuisine experiences and is known for having a robust food culture. When it comes to Italian cuisine, the city does not disappoint. If you’re in the mood for authentic pasta meals, wood-fired pizza, or a luscious seafood risotto, Minneapolis has a number of great Italian restaurants to choose from. We’ll look at the top 10 Italian restaurants in Minneapolis in this post so you may enjoy their cuisine.

1. Broders’ Pasta Bar:

   Broders’ Pasta Bar is a hidden gem in Minneapolis’ southwest district. This restaurant offers a friendly atmosphere and a cuisine that appeals to all pasta lovers. It is well known for its fresh, house-made pasta and sauces. Save space for their delectable tiramisu for dessert and don’t forget to try their trademark dish, the Fettuccine Alfredo.

2. Pazzaluna Urban Italian:

   Situated in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, Pazzaluna Urban Italian is a chic Italian eatery that combines modern elegance with traditional flavors. Their vast menu offers a range of Italian meals, including top-notch fish and quality pieces of meat. The setting is ideal for a special occasion or a romantic meal.

3. Young Joni:

   Young Joni is more than just an Italian restaurant; it’s a wood-fired wonder. There are cutting-edge toppings like Korean BBQ and cured salmon at this pizza joint, which is well known for its inventive pies. The welcoming ambiance and creative drinks make this place ideal for a night out with friends.

4. Red Wagon Pizza Company:

   Red Wagon Pizza Company should be your first choice if you’re seeking for real Neapolitan pizza. A modest but carefully chosen menu of pizzas made with premium ingredients is available at this former food truck turned brick-and-mortar restaurant. The Margherita pizza is a classic favorite, and they also have creative seasonal options.

5. Bar La Grassa:

   Bar La Grassa is an Italian restaurant that’s all about the pasta. From the ricotta and egg yolk raviolo to the gnocchi with cauliflower and orange, their pasta creations are nothing short of spectacular. The stylish interior and extensive wine list make it an ideal spot for date night.

6. Nicollet Island Inn:

   This historic inn on Nicollet Island features an elegant Italian restaurant overlooking the Mississippi River. With a focus on locally sourced ingredients, Nicollet Island Inn offers a seasonal Italian menu that impresses both with its flavors and scenic setting. Their homemade gelato is a must-try dessert.

7. Monello:

   Located in the trendy Kimpton Hotel, Monello is an Italian seafood and pasta restaurant that brings the coastal flavors of Italy to Minneapolis. From fresh oysters to house-made pastas, the menu boasts a diverse selection of Italian delights. Don’t forget to sample their artisanal cocktails at the bar.

8. Red Rabbit:

   Italian classics are served at Red Rabbit with a contemporary spin in a rustic-chic setting. For individuals with dietary requirements, they now provide gluten-free choices in addition to their popular handmade cocktails and wood-fired pizzas.

9. Broder’s Cucina Italiana:

   Part of the Broder’s family, Cucina Italiana offers a more intimate dining experience with a menu that focuses on traditional Italian cuisine. From lasagna to veal piccata, they make every dish with love and authenticity, making you feel like you’ve stepped into an Italian kitchen.

10. Tullibee:

   Located within the Hewing Hotel in the North Loop neighborhood, Tullibee combines Italian and Nordic influences to create a unique dining experience. Their menu emphasizes wood-grilled dishes and handmade pasta, and the cozy Nordic-inspired decor adds to the charm.

Despite not being in Italy, Minneapolis gives a flavor of the country with its wide selection of Italian eateries. These top 10 Italian restaurants in Minneapolis have something to fulfill any Italian cuisine appetite, whether you’re in the mood for a quick pizza or a lavish multi-course meal. So, plan your next dining adventure and savor the delightful flavors of Italy in the heart of the Midwest. Buon appetito!

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