Exploring the Culinary Delights of Buffalo, New York: The Best Indian Restaurants

Indian restaurants Buffalo

For food lovers, Buffalo, New York, which is renowned for its extensive history and varied culture, provides a broad variety of gastronomic delights. Indian food stands out as a flavorful and gratifying option among the myriad tastes that characterize the city’s eating scene. We go on a culinary tour of Buffalo in this article to find the top Indian eateries in the city.

1. Taj Grill

Taj Grill, a well-known Indian eatery serving you a taste of real North Indian food, is situated in the center of Buffalo. This restaurant offers a wide selection of traditional meals such Chicken Tikka Masala, Paneer Butter Masala, and Biryani. It is well known for its cozy atmosphere and welcoming personnel. The restaurant is a fantastic option for anyone with dietary requirements because it is also vegetarian-friendly.

2. New Jewel of India

New Jewel of India is another gem in Buffalo’s culinary crown. This restaurant, renowned for its extensive cuisine and first-rate service, welcomes both vegetarians and meat eaters. New Jewel of India features everything you could possibly want, including tantalizing Tandoori delicacies, savory curries, and a wide variety of vegetarian alternatives. Don’t forget to try their naan bread fresh from the tandoor.

3. Spices of India

Spices of India is a hidden treasure in Buffalo, offering a mix of traditional and contemporary Indian dishes. Regulars frequently laud the strong flavors in their Lamb Korma and Chicken Vindaloo dishes. You can experience a range of foods at a reasonable price at the restaurant’s lunch buffet.

4. Taste of India

Known for its commitment to serving only genuine Indian cuisine, Taste of India is a family-run eatery. It’s a neighborhood favorite because to its cuisine, which include delicacies like Saag Paneer and Chicken Curry. The whole eating experience is enhanced by the cozy and welcoming setting.

5. Kebab & Curry

For those seeking a fusion of Indian and Pakistani cuisine, Kebab & Curry is a must-visit spot. Their Tandoori dishes and biryanis are particularly popular. The restaurant also offers a selection of kebabs and wraps, perfect for a quick and flavorful meal.

6. House of Hummus

While primarily known for its Middle Eastern cuisine, House of Hummus also offers a delightful selection of Indian dishes. I highly recommend their Chicken Shawarma and Lamb Gyro. It’s a unique option for those looking to explore different flavors within a single dining experience.

7. Aroma Indian Cuisine

Aroma Indian Cuisine prides itself on its diverse menu and commitment to using the freshest ingredients. Their selection of biryanis, curries, and tandoori dishes is sure to satisfy any Indian food craving. The restaurant also offers an inviting atmosphere for both lunch and dinner.

8. Curry’s Restaurant

Curry’s Restaurant is a charming establishment known for its traditional Indian flavors and welcoming atmosphere. Their Vegetable Korma and Chicken Tikka are very famous. This restaurant is a terrific spot to gather with loved ones for a homey meal.

9. Spice of Bengal

Spice of Bengal is a hidden gem that offers a fusion of Indian and Bengali cuisine. While you can savor classic Indian dishes, don’t miss the opportunity to try Bengali specialties like Fish Curry and Chingri Malai Curry. The unique blend of flavors sets this restaurant apart.

10. India Gate

India Gate is a popular choice among locals and visitors alike. They are known for their rich and aromatic curries, including the ever-popular Butter Chicken and Lamb Rogan Josh. The restaurant’s elegant ambiance makes it ideal for a romantic dinner.

11. Star of India

In Buffalo’s culinary community, Star of India has long been a mainstay. It’s a dependable alternative for Indian food, offering a sizable menu with a broad variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Their lunch buffet is especially popular among diners looking for variety.

12. Tandoori’s Royal Indian Cuisine

Tandoori’s Royal Indian Cuisine offers a royal dining experience with a regal touch to its dishes. The menu delights the palate, offering everything from the delightful Chicken Biryani to the aromatic Shahi Paneer. The restaurant’s plush decor adds to the overall dining experience.

13. Desi’s Indian Restaurant

Customers know Desi’s Indian Restaurant for its friendly staff and generous portions. Their menu features classics like Chana Masala and Aloo Gobi. The relaxed atmosphere makes it a great spot for a casual meal with friends.

14. Spice of India

Spice of India stands out for its emphasis on using fresh ingredients and traditional cooking methods. Try their flavorful Lamb Saag or the Chef’s Special Tandoori Platter. The restaurant’s commitment to authenticity shines through in every dish.

15. Namaste Indian Restaurant

Namaste Indian Restaurant is a small but cozy spot that offers a delightful selection of North Indian cuisine. Their Chicken Curry and Palak Paneer are highly praised by patrons. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking an intimate dining experience.

16. Zaika Restaurant

Zaika Indian Cuisine is a hidden culinary gem that deserves a special mention among Buffalo’s Indian dining establishments. This buffet restaurant offers a unique fusion of Indian flavors, creating a dining experience that’s a true celebration of South Asian cuisine and it’s close to Niagara Falls.

The city’s Indian eateries provide a delicious sample of the culinary wonders of the subcontinent, whether you’re a Buffalo resident or just traveling through. Food enthusiasts will find Buffalo to be an intriguing vacation because each restaurant offers its own distinct flavors and customs. Before heading out to explore these Indian culinary delights, it’s a good idea to check the restaurant’s operating hours and any COVID-19-related restrictions that may be in place. Reservations are often recommended, especially during peak dining hours. So, if you’re ready to embark on a flavorsome journey, visit these Indian restaurants in Buffalo, New York, and savor the diverse and aromatic dishes that await you.

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